Why Not Take a Closer Look

You could read about Canvas all day, but a few pictures can say it all. Dive right in and get a better view of how Canvas works.

Canvas Layout Manager

Canvas Layout Manager

The main Canvas page contains the, well, canvas that you'll be creating your new blog on. You can select the page you want to edit at the top, and then drag and drop content from your shelf to the layout.

Plugin Form

Plug Away

When you click on the edit button on plugins (the lighter colored blocks) you'll enter the plugin editor. From here, you can change parameters using a straight forward form interface.

Block Management

Maintain Order

You can manage all of your blocks and plugins from the Block Management page. Here you can duplicate and delete content blocks as well as view more detailed information about each block.


Add Some Color

What's a canvas without a little color? Canvas comes with Ink, our prototype color management system. With Ink, you can control the size, font style, and color of any element in your blog.

Canvas Layout Manager

Canvas + Kiwi = Beautiful

Canvas comes prepackaged with Kiwi 2.0, our own Canvas-compatible theme. Here you can get a view of what a Canvas-powered blog can look like, with less than 5 minutes of preparation time.