Got Wordpress? Now make it yours.

It's time you broke the mold. Canvas brings the freedom to express yourself through design without needing to know CSS or PHP. With Canvas and Ink for Wordpress, you can easily rearrange, reconfigure, and colorize your entire blog without ever touching a line of code.

Aggregate Like a Pro

RSSInclude content from your favorite online services seamlessly and easily. With Canvas, the freshest content from sites like Flickr, Digg, and automatically finds its way to your front page.

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Tame Your Functions

FunctionsCanvas uses a powerful form-driven GUI so you never have to dig into a file to change how your blog behaves. You'll be able to make your blog look like it was made by a professional, without even breaking a sweat.

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Homegrown Software

HomegrownCanvas was written from scratch by Karsten Temme and Yasser Dahab, two regular guys trying to bring a bit of creativity to the digital world.

We're far from being PHP and JS pros, but that hasn't stopped us from thinking big. Like what we do? Support us.

CSS Powered

Canvas 1.2 uses CSS to define zones rather than PHP functions, so themes can easily be made Canvas compatible by using adding a few simple CSS classes. Themes can easily be designed to work with or without Canvas!